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Loadmaal is a mobile application (android and iOS), conceptualised, conceived and developed by a team which has seen the unorganised segment of the Indian logistics and transport industry from a very close proximity. While the unorganised segment of the Indian transport and logistics industry constitutes about 87% of the total transactions, it has never been a focus of any significant technological and innovative advancement.

The highlight of this segment of the industry has been its simple yet painstaking processes, based exclusively on mutual trust and informal networks of agents, transporters, small truck unions and drivers.

Keeping the simplicity intact, Loadmaal endeavours to provide a technological solution to the agents, truck drivers, small size transporters & fleet owners, by providing them with solutions, features and mechanisms to get incremental growth in their businesses and at the same time save a piece of their life and time, to de-stress and spend with themselves and their loved ones.

Loadmaal gives the industry, an instant access to a large pool of loads which is updated and posted 24/7. The communication protocol with Loadmaal, facilitates communication between a Transport / Freight Agent and Truck Owner / Driver to close deals quickly, thereby increasing efficiency and profitability of their business.

We here at Loadmaal, are happy to keep innovating, to further the cause of becoming the most efficient and effective Online Road Freight Transport Market Place, defining the future of Logistics and Freight Transport in India.


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