All terms marked with * carry the same meaning as under the TC of the Company

In light of the description of services of the Company* (stated under the TC document here and the service description and pricing document here), the User* acknowledges and understands that the Company is not engaged in the activities of providing any services to the Users directly, and that Company only provides a Platform* to the Service Providers and Client to connect with one another. It is expressly made clear to the User that the Company does not own any vehicle for logistics and transport purposes, nor does the Company employ any drivers for such vehicles.

Therefore, the Company expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability towards the acts or omissions committed by the Service Provider* or the Client*. As such, all Users (including the Service Providers and the Clients) acknowledge that the Company is not privy to the agreement and relation between the Service Provider and the Client. The Company has no control over the conditions / environment under which the User(s) are engaging with one another for rendering services through the Company’s Platform*. Hence, claims (if any) of the Service Provider against the Client (or vice versa) shall lie against one another, to the complete exclusion of the Company.

The Company shall make all commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the requirements of the Service Providers and the Client are met through the Company’s Platform. However, the Company does not assure / commit / promise to ensure that the requirements of the User shall be fulfilled. The fulfilment of the requirements of the User shall depend on various factors (such as availability of the Service Provider or the Client), which shall not be the responsibility of the Company.