All terms marked with * carry the same meaning as under the TC of the Company

These terms contained under the Referral Program of the Company are in addition to the Terms and Conditions of the Company (accessible here). The User of the Company’s Platform shall be eligible for benefits under this referral program as per the terms contained below.

The Company shall have a right to amend / vary the referral program at any time with or without any notice to the User. By accessing the Company’s Platforms, the User agrees to the terms contained below, and undertakes to adhere to the same.

Referral Process

  1. Any User holding an active User Account (the “Referrer”) may refer to the Company’s Platforms to other members of general public (the “Referred”).
  1. Once a Referred person makes a User Account with the Company AND successfully avails the services from the Company’s Platform (for the first time), the Referrer shall be eligible to receive the “Referral Benefit” from the Company.
  1. The Referral Benefit shall be reflected in the User Account of the Referrer within 3-4 working days of the Referred person availing the service for the first time.

Redemption of Referral Benefit

The Referrer may refer the Company’s Platform to as many persons of general public as per his discretion. Accordingly, every time the Referrer receives the Referral Benefit, the same shall get accumulated to the Referrer’s User Account. The Referrer may utilise the Referral Benefit towards Subscription Fee at the time of availing the paid services of the Company.

Transferring the Referral Benefit

The User shall not be entitled to transfer his Referral Benefits from his User Account to any other User Account. Further, the Referral Benefit shall also not be clubbed with any other benefit programs of the Company. The User shall not be entitled to receive any cash / monetary equivalent sum from the Company against the said Referral Benefit.

Expiry of the Referral Benefit

The Referral Benefit earned by a User shall be valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of the same being reflected to the User Account. At the expiry of such period, the Referral Benefit shall also expire.


The contact information of the Referred person, if any, shared by the Referee shall be verified by the Referee. The Referee shall be under an obligation to ensure that it obtains required consent from the Referred person for sharing its contact information with the Company. The Company shall have a right to contact the Referred person via the contact information obtained by it from the Referee. In case the Referred person wishes not to avail the services of the Company, then the said Referred person may request the Company to stop contacting them. In either case, any claims of the Referred person in this regard shall lie directly with the Referee, to the complete exclusion of the Company.

Amendment to the Program

The Company shall have the right to amend / modify / cancel the referral program or the Referral Benefit or the usage of the Referral Benefit at any time with or without a notification to the User, without any cost or consequence upon the Company.


The terms in this policy are to be read along with the Terms and Conditions of the Company (as applicable from time to time). The governing law, jurisdiction and related matters with regards this policy shall be in accordance with the Terms and conditions of the Company as updated by the Company from time to time.